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Cast of Very Very Improv performing in a line.

Very Very Academy

Photo: Jonathan McEwan

Community Stage Show 
November 25th @ The Bez

Join the Fall Academy students as they put their skills to work on stage following the Very Very Improv Monthly Mainstage performance. The show time is 10 pm. Purchase your tickets or see the show for FREE when you purchase a ticket for the earlier mainstage show.

Whether you are a community theatre actor, trained performer, or experienced improviser, if you are someone that has logged stage time and is looking to strengthen your improv performance skills, Very Very Academy is for you. 


This training series focuses on preparing you to perform, Very Very Improv style. In a cohort of peers, you learn to build interesting characters, create strong story arcs, and become proficient with a variety of improv formats used by Very Very Improv Theatre. 


Each participant works through a custom learning plan with skill development goals. These plans are created in collaboration with the instructor who will monitor and mentor your progress. 


The training series ends with a public performance.


Next Training Series: Fall/Winter 2023 (FULL - registration is closed.)

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