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Private Events & Workshops


Photo: Jonathan McEwan

A special performance just for you!

Book a show

Christmas parties, staff retreats, family reunions - if you’re planning an event and want to be sure everyone has a laugh, book your very, very own Very Very Improv show. 


Because every improv performance is based on audience suggestions, every show feels like it’s been created just for you. And it has! 


Very Very Improv can customize your show even more with a pre-performance interview that will ensure the improvisers highlight company values, dramatize family stories or celebrate that special someone. 

Contact Very Very Improv Theatre today to discuss booking details.

Improv training for your staff or team. 

Book a workshop

Improv isn’t just about performance. It is a great way for any group that works together to exercise skills like communication, creativity, and collaboration all while building trust and having fun. Very Very Improv facilitators create safe spaces where no previous improv experience is necessary and no one will be required to perform. 


Our skilled facilitators can accommodate any group size and can vary the length of the workshop in order to fit your needs. 


Improv workshops are guaranteed to include lots of learning and lots of laughs. 


Contact Very Very Improv Theatre today to discuss booking details. 

two cast members performing

Photo: Jonathan McEwan

Very Very Improv Theatre About Booking Today! 

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch shortly. 

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